Jaundiced Spirit (loveforbabies) wrote,
Jaundiced Spirit

cameron... among other things

hey well....this is my first entry...cameron got me started...

I'm confused...God send me mixed mumbled messages that are so clear, clear that I can finally se what He wants for me, but I won't take it even though it's finer than any diamond, I keep turning away and mocking his creation by trying to "make it better" only making it worse..you can't make something God gave you better....He can give you the talent ot turn something He gave you in the first place to something radical, glorifying, and unchanging... God id merciful, period...

I so want to grow more, and I've overcome some things recently that have and will allow me to, but some temptations, struggles, make it hard, not to mention the things we wish were there but aren't...

god is merciful and Forgiving...he's my Great Manhunter and Navigator...

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