Jaundiced Spirit (loveforbabies) wrote,
Jaundiced Spirit

war cry

The USA is currently deploying a mission to disarm Iraqi forces in Baghdad.

what to do? I think that this is a just war, but why did people have to get so stubborn?

Famous quotes on War:
" Men love war because it allows them to be more serious .
Because it is the one thing that stops women from laughing at them . "

John Fowles
" The military don't start wars . Politicians start wars ... "

General William Westmoreland

" War is Hell , and life becomes a sin ...
when young men must fight the wars
that older men begin ... "

Bobby Zimalis

I can't handle the truth any longer. Will someone please lie to me?
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wow, sarah... long time no post.

but there is a lot behind this war. those quotes are good, but i wouldn't say they apply to this war.

prayer is needed for the world right now.