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the 4th of July....I was thinking tonight about so many things....like, I was just in Yorktown, VA, and my cousins live about 100 yds from where they fought the last battle to gain our Independence from the Brits...and yeah...I think that's crazy awesome...

I went to go see a pyrotechnic show over on the river through Shreveport, LA...and I was thinking of my last couple of 4th of July's....last year I was in Purgatory, CO.....scary...and the year before, with Cameron, and hmmm....I think it was Alex, Jon, Matt, and Brian....hmm..the two things I remember about that, was that it was right outside an ice cream place, and I had done cameron's freshly dyed hair that night.....hmmmmmmmm

yeah...as I was sitting there, watching the fireworks explode in the dark, vacant sky....my mind wandered over to Someone....thinking of how it would be, if we were with each other tonight..and wondering if he was thinking the same thing....*sigh* I am such a girl.....but you know..it's OK

*another sigh*

If only I could live somewhere, and be with Someone for a long time.....but things are how they are, and I can do nothing to change them. It's all in God's Will, and I know it's how it should be. If he doesn't understand, then it's not meant to be....*bleh*

Yeah....I'm gonna go back to my room and strum to my thoughts, and maybe come up with a wicked song or something....lol...that'd be awesome...."girl writes wicked song after owning guitar 2 days".....what a story..
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